This Isn't Just Another Horse Blog!

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I've been riding and competing in jumpers (and in the past eventing and dressage) for over 20 years now. Sometimes I joke that this sport is time consuming, expensive, and dangerous - and that I've been trying to quit for years - but let's be honest, us horse addicts know that trying to quit is just a wasted effort. 

So fellow horse lovers, join me and stay tuned for weekly blog posts. I will be sharing riding tips and advice I've accumulated from training and competing in several different countries (different places definitely have different ways of doing things!) under the tutelage of some of the sport's top Olympians and Grand Prix riders. I'll also be: 

  • Staying on top of the latest developments in the horse world so you won’t have to
  • Sharing my personal riding stories (the ups and downs and everything in between!) and insights into using rider psychology
  • Writing about my experiences (and tips I've learned) as an author
  • Sharing news and details about my upcoming horse mystery for teens, DEVONWOOD RIDING CLUB
  • Including posts for young equestrians (think horse treat recipes, horse show checklists and that sort of thing)
  • Writing about any other random fun things that I think you'll be interested in hearing about!

I'm so excited about embarking on this adventure with you! Subscribe to HorseAddict blog, share it with your friends, and leave comments and feedback : )