Uh Oh It's That Time of Year Again

Summer starts in exactly 17 days, and if you're anything like me, you know that we're fast approaching the time of year that brings long sunny days, trips to the beach -- and -- the season when horse addiction is at its worst. This is primarily due to 3 things: Warm weather. Horse shows. Outdoor riding.

This will be the first summer I'll have a horse of my own in 5 long, terrible, horseless years and I can already feel the addiction pulling me in deeper. The weather has been beautiful the last few weeks (for Seattle) and I've found myself spending a ridiculous amount of time at the barn. Lately I've been grazing Toes nearly every day (spoiled horse), and his yellowy-gray coat is looking whiter because he's getting more baths (he's not too happy about this part), and even my tack is getting more attention as I look for reasons to linger around the barn.

Speaking of my horse Toes, I don't think I've given him a proper introduction. Here's the rundown: the name Toes is a mystery but somehow it suits him perfectly, he's nearly 10 years old but  acts like a 4 year old more often than I'd like (he is half Thoroughbred), he has a huge personality and is as addicted to horse cookies as I am to chocolate chip cookies (for a Toes approved horse cookie recipe click here), and I leased him for several months last year before taking the plunge and buying him a little over a month ago. Oh, and I think he's absolutely amazing, and yes I know I'm biased. But isn't he pretty?

The treat obsessed, sometimes wild, always mischievous, but completely amazing Coronado (aka Toes).

The treat obsessed, sometimes wild, always mischievous, but completely amazing Coronado (aka Toes).


And so now that I have a new horse AND summer is nearly here, my addiction is worse than ever, and I'm finding myself living, eating and breathing horses and doing a lot of daydreaming about winning classes at horse shows (nevermind how long it's been since I actually won a class). So here we go, our first horse show on this summer's schedule is right around the corner -- the packing has begun for 2 weeks of showing at Cle Elum. Wish us luck!