5Photos1Day #HorseBloggers Challenge!

I've really loved seeing everyone's #5photos1day pictures, so I thought I'd give the challenge a go and show you a more or less typical day for me. Thank you to Haynet Blog for setting up this fun challenge to post 5 photos in 1 day that show the typical life of an equine blogger. On to this morning's first photo!

My day starts at 8:30am the barn with Frodo trying to drink (or perhaps just spill) my latte, which is pretty much a daily occurrence. πŸ™„

Doing some hill work and taking in the view after our jumping lesson. Expected rain today so really appreciated the sunshine!

Trying to work on outlining a new book I’m working on - but getting distracted by horse videos. Typical. πŸ™„

Always stealing all of our friends' dogs...today we're lucky enough to have Olly over for a visit. And...we may have a puppy of our own soon, more details on that soon! 😍

The least glam part of the day, cleaning the house, which is made less painful thanks to Audible and red wine. The amount of audiobooks I go through is a bit frightening! Currently listening to Lisa Gardner’s new thriller LOOK FOR ME, which I would highly recommend! πŸ“š

That's a wrap for my day! I also wanted to include links to my favorite bloggers who have done the challenge so you can check out their photos, and if you're a horse blogger you have until the end of February to partake. Finally, I'd love to hear what your typical day is like in the comments below!